Spotted gum flooring

As a proudly Australian owned and operated business, we are well aware that spotted gum flooring is widely popular in Australia today. For this reason, here at ASC Building Supplies we provide highly resistant and durable spotted gum flooring made with premium quality timber. In order to fulfil the requirements of all our customers and provide you with the option of customising and personalising your spotted gum flooring, we have a wide variety of colours so you can choose the one that you can combine best with the colour of your furniture and painting.

Spotted gum flooring provided by ASC Building Supplies is visually impressive but also a very reliable and durable option for people looking for an excellent a way to renew their house or even their office. We use the best materials in order to ensure our spotted gum flooring will be an option of great durability and very easy to maintain with regular cleaning. Here at ASC Building Supplies we pride ourselves on the results we achieve thanks to the second to none spotted gum flooring we provide complemented by the team of professional experts we have available to assist you with any inquiries using their years of knowledge and experience to give you the best option for the area you want to cover with spotted gum flooring.

We differ from our competitors because we ensure our customers will be provided with second to none products made with the best materials and at very affordable prices. Here at ASC Supplies you will find spotted gum flooring that is the result of years of experience attaching to the highest standards of the industry, covering and exceeding the needs of our Australian customers. Contact us for information

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