Luxury Vinyl Flooring

ASC Building Supplies is your top provider of construction materials required for an unmatched quality luxury vinyl flooring that will optimise and embellish the façade of your lobby, living room, dining room, office or any other area you want to turn into a stylish and elegant addition to your building or home. Thanks to the quality of the materials we provide, we ensure luxury vinyl flooring that stands out from all our competitors taking the process of luxury vinyl flooring one step further and succeeding at catering to customer needs and exceeding all expectations.

Our luxury vinyl flooring is not only highly visually appealing, but also an option that does not require heavy maintenance in order to remain at optimal conditions. With a wide variety of options to choose from, we never fall short at formats, finishes and styles for luxury vinyl flooring to offer. Our highly customisable options remain as your best option if you are looking for a more personal and special style regarding the type of luxury vinyl flooring you want for your house or business.

We are a proudly Australian owned and operated business with enough time serving customers and providing you with reliable and excellent luxury vinyl flooring, making sure you stay with us, building a solid and long-time relationship and ensuring you do not have to keep looking for a provider of luxury vinyl flooring. We have been awarded by Houzz Australia as the best building suppliers for our incomparable luxury vinyl flooring as well as the services we provide thanks to our extensive product knowledge, helping customers choose the best option for them. Customers prefer the quality of our products, our assistance and our experience, knowing that we are the luxury vinyl flooring experts in the area.

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Pick up from our warehouse in Epping
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