Floating timber floors

Floating timber floors are a trend because of the amount of advantages they offer. Some of the most relevant ones are how easy they are to install and how it expands in response to changes in a room’s humidity, these aspects make floating timber floors highly adaptable to changing conditions. If you want to enjoy the benefits offered by floating timber floors, ASC Building Supplies is your leading provider in Melbourne, and we will make sure all your needs and requirements are covered with premium quality floating timber floors that change completely the way your dining room, living room or office looks like.
Here at ASC Building Supplies we provide second to none floating timber floors that require little to no maintenance other than cleaning in order to remain as if they were new, all this thanks to the unmatched quality materials used to complete the most reliable floating timber floors in the area while keeping the most competitive and affordable price in the market. We are a proudly 100% owned and operated Australian company that takes pride in providing businesses and households with the most modern and top quality floating timber floors you will find in Melbourne.

We differ from our competitors providing timber floors because our team of experts have extensive knowledge about the properties and specifications of each one of our products, we will walk you and assist you through the entire purchase process, presenting you the different variations of floating timber floors we can offer so you will find the one that suits your indoors area better. Many years of experience in the market have allowed us to adapt to the needs of our clientele. Contact us for more information

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