Concrete Sealers

Concrete Sealers

ASC Building Supplies have developed our own clear and coloured sealer formula which has been used for over 20 years and remains one of the top products on the market.

We have an onsite chemist who is here to help you with any technical questions Our chemist oversees quality control of all our manufactured products. Concrete sealers are applied to concrete to protect it from surface damage, corrosion, and staining whilst making your concrete last longer.

Colour Hardener(20kg Bag)
CoverageApprox. 10sqm per 20kg bag
StrengthIn the vicinity of 93MPa strength after 28 days.
Colours30 exciting colours from gentle pastel to strong earthy colours to choose from. Only the best oxides available are used.
Visual EffectThe ability to create excellent mouldings for slate and beautiful scratch finish for stencil.
ConditionsProvides excellent results in hot and cold conditions.
FlexibilityThe first genuine quality multi purpose product on the market. No need to store different products for different finishes. One product for all finishes.

Concrete Sealer is an acrylic sealer designed to enhance and protect concrete, and natural and synthetic masonry surfaces.

Concrete Sealer is a 100% acrylic polymer solution for porous inorganic and mineralized surfaces such as concrete (new and old), natural and synthetic masonry.